The Painting on the Pond Series Tour Kit

The Painting on the Pond Series

About the Books in the Series

Series: Series: The Painting on the Pond
New Adult, Fiction, Suspense
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication date: Re-release on April 11, 2017

An intriguing plot meshes the past and present into a story that takes David Young down a path he never imagined in this crisp, clean mystery novel. City-born artist David Young has traveled a difficult journey during his twenty-seven years. It has finally taken him to a spectacular valley in the Pacific Northwest. Settled in a comfortable cabin he is free at last to explore, paint, and create the future of his dreams. However, a mysterious woman’s disappearance, a haunting legend, and unsettling dreams unnerve David, threatening his hopes and plunging him into the most formidable struggle of his life. While he is engulfed in mystery, adventure, and romance, an unseen hand draws him to his destiny, and into the rugged wilderness of Alaska.



About the Author


Sharon Lewis Koho grew up on a small ranch near the town of Inkom, Idaho. Her beloved father died when she was five years old, and she and her siblings were reared in humble circumstances by a hard-working and courageous mother. In her youth, Sharon discovered she could create any world she wanted to visit, or any story she wanted to be a part of by climbing high in the trees bordering her cherished ranch. Daydreaming there amid songs of birds, rustling leaves and the babbling of the nearby creek, inspired many wonderful stories. Sharon married Bill Koho from Nampa, Idaho in 1967, and they were married thirty years until his death in 1997. She is the proud mother of six children. Although she is a Licensed Practical Nurse by profession, she has had much more experience in creating and telling stories. Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her children and grandchildren. She also enjoys visiting, traveling, camping, reading, writing, swimming, and any adventurous idea that pops into her head.



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Deal Alert

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Tour Schedule

Tour Landing Page

June 11-Jorie Loves A Story (Review, Book 1)
June 12-Paulette’s Papers
June 13-Singing Librarian Books
June 14-Robin’s Nest
June 15-
June 16-Remembrancy
June 18-
June 19-
June 20-Reading is My SuperPower
June 21-Jorie Loves A Story (Review, Book 2)
June 22-Why Not? Because I Said So! 
June 23-​

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Helpful Tour Information

1. The tour kit  for The Painting on the Pond Series is now live.
2. The tour landing page will go live 11:30pm MT the night before the tour begins.
3. Have your posts up by 12 noon ET on your assigned day.
4. To help promote, please share posts links on social media sites, such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Please tag SLB when possible.  Thank you!

5. For those on Facebook, please also share your post in the team Facebook group.
6. If you are reviewing, please post your review on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. as well as your blog.
7. When your blog post is live, please email me the link so I can update the tour landing page.  Thank you!

Tour Schedule and Assignments

June 11-Jorie Loves A Story (Review, book 1)
June 12-Paulette’s Papers ​(Spotlight (no review), Snippet from a chapter in the book)
June 13-Singing Librarian Books Spotlight (no review), Author Interview (via SLB), Snippet from a chapter in the book, Sample Chapter)
June 14-Robin’s Nest (Spotlight (no review))
June 15-
June 16-Remembrancy (Spotlight (no review), Snippet from a chapter in the book)
June 18-
June 19-
June 20-Reading is My SuperPower (Spotlight (no review))
June 21-Jorie Loves A Story (Review, book 2)
June 22-Why Not? Because I Said So! (Review, Snippet from a chapter in the book)
June 23-​


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